Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  Let us help you make it the most memorable by preserving your wedding bouquet that means the most to you.

Because flowers define everything about the wedding affair from showcasing personalities to bringing the significance of a couple's story, it is our passion to preserve that story and make it unforgettable...

  • Wedding bouquets must be preserved at their freshest condition to obtain the best preservation result.
  • Floral preservation cannot magically restore the wilted, blemished, shriveled or dead flowers.            
  • All flowers are pre and post treated to retain shape, enhance the vibrancy of the colors and ensure longevity. 
  • Each keepsake is elegantly designed to reflect the exquisiteness of your wedding bouquet.
  • All bouquets require sealed encasements.
  • Your floral keepsake will take approximately 8-10 weeks to be completed. 
  • Prices range from $340 - $475 depending on size, type, and moulding design of frames.
  • A $100 deposit is due upon Orchids-In-Bloom receiving your bouquet for preservation.
  • The balance of the payment can be made in two installments.
  • Small pick up fee of $40 for Orange County and $70 for San Diego County.
  • Receive 10% OFF when booking at least 14 days in advance.

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